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About Plantd

We ask ourselves how we can capture and create value from all that atmospheric carbon.

We face some big challenges

Homebuilding: We don't have enough materials.
Across the US, demand for housing exceeds availability by 4 million homes. Lumber and materials suppliers can't keep up.

Climate Change: We have too much atmospheric carbon.
The world must remove 10 gigatons of carbon per year to avert the worst climate impacts. Carbon capture approaches can't keep up - they are too expensive and/or require too much land.

Our Solution

Plantd turns atmospheric carbon into materials.
We manufacture low-price, high-performance building materials using ultra-strong, fast-growing plants that capture more carbon than trees.

By partnering with local farmers and selling to builders, we capture and sequester carbon in the floors, walls, and roofs of the places where we live, work, and play.

We're going after the XPRIZE

In April 2021, Elon Musk and the XPRIZE announced the $100M Gigaton Carbon Removal prize. The winning team must build a solution that removes 1,000 tons of atmospheric carbon and demonstrate how its solution is the most scalable and lowest cost plan to reach 1 gigaton per year - solving 10% of the world's climate challenge. The Plantd team has joined the competition.

Our Team

Josh Dorfman

Josh is Plantd's movement builder. At Quidsi/Amazon, Josh led natural & organic e-commerce brand He's built two sustainable furniture companies, and was CEO of the nation's first innovation center for climate adaptation solutions.

Huade Tan

Huade is Plantd's Responsible Engineer. At SpaceX, Huade led the life support systems and environmental control teams for the Dragon cargo and crew spacecraft. He's a designer, builder, breaker, and mender of hard things.

Nathan Silvernail

Build Engineer
Nathan oversees Plantd's manufacturing strategy. At SpaceX, Nathan built the factories and teams that build the dragon cargo and crew spacecraft. He is a builder of things that sit on top of rocket and the definition of SpaceX scrappy.

Christian Hines

Christian is Plantd's technical jackknife. From building equipment to testing prototypes, Christian brings Plantd's vision to life. It doesn't hurt that he's also a social media whiz driving Plantd's online presence.

Kelly Chan

Advisor, Finance
Kelly is Executive Director at BeachBody and brings extensive knowledge of financial operations and supply chain finance to Plantd. Working alongside the team, Kelly is helping to drive financial forecasting and capital fundraising.

Jill Johnson

Advisor, Marketing
Jill is an entrepreneurial marketing strategist. Currently at Digitas North America, where she leads content strategy teams, Jill guides Plantd's marketing development and brand communications strategy.

Ian Harsey

Advisor, Engineering
A Senior Manufacturing Engineer and SpaceX veteran with 9 years of experience in manufacturing and production, Ian lives to solve tough problems and is laser-focused on world-changing ventures.

"My team has really appreciated how easily we have been able to transition from co-working to small offices and now to a larger office space."

Sarah Andrews
Designer, Founder


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